My most important teacher is my teaching. It is the place where I focus on what I am fascinated about and where I develop my material. Below you find a collection of workshop titles that mirror my fields of interest:


Contact technique – with an anatomical focus

Contact Improvisation & anatomical exlorations

CI Essentials spiced with hipjoints & neck release

spine & eyes

arms – and they dont know what they do Arme (bad translation from german, sorry)

spirals – not only in the world of Contact Improvisation(nicht nur) in der Welt der Contact Improvisation

fascia-fascination Faszien-Faszination und Wissenswertes für den Tanz



basic technique for lifts

dancing lifts

lifts! … and then?


Priciples & polarities within Contact Improvisation

leading & following

conscious & unconscious flow

softness & strength

juicynesss & subtleties

in & out of contact - sweet & challenging invitations


Momentum & Dynamics

suspension & reflexes

slowmentum – slowed down momentum in CI

the lightness of falling weight

lightness in giving weight

trust in backspace & support - Benefits from water work for highly physical CI


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