Intensive at the CI Festival Kiev


Intensive at the CI Festival Kiev
Tue, 1. May 2012 - Mon, 7. May 2012
Kiev - Kiev
Joerg Hassmann
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making choices - changing directions

To improvise means having the choice and making decisions - in each moment. Changing directions brings a very practical and  technical focus on this also emotional and phylosophical theme of how we make choices.

In my understanding of the body the center and secondarily the spine are the "thing" that provide clarity for our choices in a CI based dance. The organise the bod, they carry intention, make invitations, propose directions, say yes and no.
We'll explore both - center and spine - in solo and fundamental CI situations investigating the specific activities in the roles of leading and following. Changing directions is our steady tool to check how well our communication is working and a test for how much freedom is provided in weight sharing situations. Material that I developed with Daniel Werner in our CI Traing programme in Berlin will give us a base.
From this basis I'd like to research some challenges: The spiral (in the torso) opens two opposing directions in the body and creates moments of suspension for our choice of direction. The compangions of the spiral -  bending, curving and arching of the torso -  help to easily transfer movements into new directions even in situations where momentum is involved. We can potentially surprise ourselves and our partner without becomming unclear or less committed in the connection to our partner. And we can always come back to the clarity and simplicity, which center based movements provide. We have the choice.


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