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DanceContact - In Touch Festival
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In Touch Festival


In Touch Festival
Wed, 8. May 2013 - Sun, 12. May 2013
Berlin - Berlin
Joerg Hassmann & Daniel Werner
Created by:


Contact Festival Berlin 8-12. May 2013

 Contact Improvisation, Somatic Practices & Watermotion

with Mirva Mäkinen, Ka Rustler, Daniel Werner, Jörg Hassmann, Katri Luukkonen

New Teachers & Musicans in the festival team, Benno Enderlein/CI, Tanja Siebenstern/Aquahara, Arun Reyes/ Ecstatic Dance, Nadja Schwarzenbach/CI, Joy Tyson/ Voice, Gabriele Neumann/ Chi Gong, Julija Melnik, Jörg Gönner, Liz Erber, Jari Vuomajoki, Rico Loop, Pascal de Lacaze-Duthiers, Florian Betz, Fillip Quellen, Naf Tali, Ivo Sant, Lucas and more

In Touch is a place where body, mind & spirit come together to play, practise & celebrate through contact & improvisation. Spaces on land & in the water for experimenting & playing with presence, movement & touch.

Our urban Festivals are inspired by the In Touch Journeys to Goa, Bali and Ibiza. An evolutionary body journey, spiralling unrevealing in search of the forgottten elements. Meeting the force of nature with sensitivity, reclaming a long lost space within the heart of the matter. 

DEAR Participant;

Just one more week and it is happening!  We will meet in wonderful spring time in Berlin to dance, share, enjoy and celebrate. So many wonderful beings, dancers, musicans, cooks and teachers from many countries confirmed their participation. And we are happy to be in the two amazing big dancehalls in Schöneberg/Berlin like last year.

Look up our website for new teachers, musicans and post workshops (it is worth to stay a little longer). If you want to share informations, looking for a ride or communicate about a place to stay you can use our facebook group.

Important Information:

Adress: Sporthalle Münchener Strasse 49,  Georg von Giesche Schule. 10777 Berlin.  By subway; U4 Viktoria Luise Platz

Arriving: We can enter in the building Wednesday 8th Mai just at 16.00 . Not before, please be in time but not to early.

Registration: Please register the moment you come between 16.00-18.00 Ground floor in front main entrance.  

Payment; Bring cash in € to the registration that day to complete your festival fee.

We will have dinner together at about 19.00 and a welcome circle and Jam starting at about 20.30

Be in time please!

Very important to bring ;
-your own dishes,
-a bottle (to be filled with filtered water)
-knife, falk, spoon etc.
-sleeping bag
Daniel Werners Intensive and Tanja Siebensterns class will be partly in the swimming pool.
Participants of this workshop please bring;
Bathing suite, Bikini etc.

For any further questions please read the website carefully before you contact us. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lets dance and celebrate!

Your In Touch "Contact Festival Berlin" Team,
Daniel, Vega, Gabi and Volker


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