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DanceContact - Contact Improvisation Workshop
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Contact Improvisation Workshop


Contact Improvisation Workshop
Fri, 8. February 2013 - Sun, 10. February 2013
Lyon - Lyon
Joerg Hassmann
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Workshop Contact Improvisation – spine and eyes
in Lyon 9.-10.2.2013
with Joerg Hassmann

It is a human invention to easily stand and walk with an upright spine. In this workshop we want to enable our spine to find easy alignment and strenght for lifts and other supportive contact situations while staying movable and responsive. Let's call it active spine.
Inspired by our developmental movement patterns from early childhood I want to reconnect to the possibilities our spine had before it began to carry weight. I call it soft spine. A world of less control, more fluidity and openess, an ability to surrender and being rather comfortable with the unknown.

The eyes are pretty strongly connected to the function of our spine. An active spine engages our eyes to look out into the world to connect, react and to control.
A soft spine goes naturally well together with soft eyes, which allow colors and shapes to fall into our vision. Soft eyes are very non-judgemental.
By playing consciously and sometimes chaoticly with mixing those concepts of soft & active spine and soft & active eyes, we can challenge our habits, get lost and find something fresh. It can seduce us into more freedom in the backspace or upside down situations.

To intergrate the new knowledge we need to dance a lot - alone and in contact. And I guess that is the reason why we meet.

Sat 9.2. 11-18h
Sun 10.2. 10-17h

80 € (65 € reduced price)

Maison Ravier, 7 Rue Ravier, 69007 Lyon

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