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DanceContact - Contact Improvisation Workshop
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Contact Improvisation Workshop


Contact Improvisation Workshop
Sat, 21. April 2012 - Sun, 22. April 2012
Berlin - Berlin
Joerg Hassmann
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Contact Improvisation Workshop 
with Joerg Hassmann
21./22.4.2012 in Berlin

arms & no arms 

Lately I got very inspired by the simple score to not use arms and hands to touch the partner in a CI duet. Hooking, holding, grabbing or pushing into the partner often feels as the safest way when we go to higher levels - even though it can be highly dangerous if we don't manage to let go at the right moment. To not use the arms for this purpose potentially creates a sweet eagerness to find out what is still possible. A nice combination of precision in the physical connection and taking risks appears easily.
What I found so far is the necessity for more length and openness in the arms, and the upper torso. Extending arms give more options to negotiate fragile balances and weight shifts and will always find the floor quickly in case we fall. A released neck helps to feel oriented in up side down positions. Staying connected to the partners center is not an abstract idea but gives the clearest feedback for a safe communication with shared weight. 

But the main reason to teach this workshop are the wonderful explorations to find more openness and freedom from the ribcage upwards, which - in my body - gives a deep curiosity and satisfaction also for solo dancing.
A basic knowledge in CI technique is necessary to follow this workshop.

Sat/ Sun 11-17 h
LaborGras, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44, Berlin Kreuzberg
80 € - 110 € (as you can)
90 € - 110 € for registering after 1.4.12
information & registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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