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DanceContact - Contact Improvisation Workshop
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Contact Improvisation Workshop


Contact Improvisation Workshop
Sat, 24. March 2012 - Sun, 25. March 2012
Lyon - Lyon
Joerg Hassmann
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Contact Improvisation Workshop with Joerg Hassmann
24.+25.3.2012 in Lyon

Changing directions - having the choice

We will work on the technical basics of this multilayered dance form to enable our contact duetts staying easy and connected while moving through all levels with shared weight.
The spice will be to keep the improvisers mind and body alive, to taste the dance while focussing on contact technique. In basic contact situations we always have choices. There is hardly ever only one option unless we have a one-way plan in our mind that I'd like to train to let go off. Changing direction is maybe the clearest choice that is available. And for the communication process it is highly interesting. We will research the short delay, the suspension in the moments of changing directions. What does it need to be readable in my proposals and invitations and how I can organize my body to follow without rushing or hesitating? And not to forget: What helps me to get into my dancing body so that these days are more a dance- than a work-shop? Sweet questiones. Let's see which answers we find.

Beginners should be able to follow this workshop and experienced contacters will have enough details to be fed and challenged.
Teaching language is english with french translation.


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