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DanceContact - Workshop Contact Improvisation
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Workshop Contact Improvisation


Workshop Contact Improvisation
Fri, 4. December 2015 - Sun, 6. December 2015
Helsinki - Helsinki
Joerg Hassmann
Created by:
Jörg Hassmann


Workshop Contact Improvisation

in Helsinki, Dec 4-6 - supported by Mirva Mäkinen

This workshop will happen after 4 days of dancing & researching together with Mirva Mäkinen. The concrete content will be mainly inspired by those days, which means I don't know yet, what it'll be. But in all my teaching I am interested in how the body is moving effeciently with physical delight. The elasticty under the skin in the touch and in the skins of the fascia through the whole body is essential for me. The polarity of commitment and availability, knowing less while not pushing for excitement, solid CI technique how to keep the shared weight moving and a solo dance driven by curiosity as a base for jamming are deer to me. More and more I think that the tone of the work is the most important. A mixture of generosity, a passion for details, a deep trust that we all want to learn, grow and connect and the accaptance that the new is often hiding in the discomfort.

A comfortable knowledge about Contact Improvisation is required to follow this workshop.

Registration and further information: Mirva Mäkinen - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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