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DanceContact - In Touch Festival Berlin
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In Touch Festival Berlin


In Touch Festival Berlin
Wed, 16. May 2012 - Sun, 20. May 2012
Berlin - Berlin
Daniel Werner
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Festival for Contact Improvisation and Somatic Practises
Contact Improvisation, Contango, Watermotion, Somatic Practises, Voice & Music.

With Mirva Mäkinen, Javier Cura, Daniel Werner, Katri Lukkonen, Tanja Siebenstern, Mokshia Frenzel,
Jamus and Lee and more . . .

In Touch is a place where body, mind & spirit come together to play, practise & celebrate through
contact & improvisation. Spaces for experimenting & playing with presence, movement, sensuality &
touch on land & in the water. A body journey spiralling unrevealing in search of the developmental &
evolutionary stuff we are made of. Practising sensitive presence, reclaiming a long lost space
within the heart of the matter.

Movement and Touch, Mirva Mäkinen,
The dialogue between movement and touch are key elements for me in creating dynamic development of
the experience in contact improvisation and dance.

Contact Tango, Javier Cura
The merging of the soft boundaries of Contact Improvisation with the crisp precision of Tango
provide a whole new range of physical expression.

Liquid Gravity, Daniel Werner 
Contact Improvisation, Watermotion and Developmental Patterns.
The warm and soft support of the water invites a surrendering into pure physical sensation and into
a state of being where movement and touch were/are tenderly facilitating the first experiences of
living in a human body.




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