Contact Imprvisation Intensive


Contact Imprvisation Intensive
Fri, 28. March 2014 - Sun, 30. March 2014
Krakow, poland
Daniel Werner
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Toys & Tools for all Levels - systematic, somatic, playful

Welcome to a 3-day intensive workshop that will let you develop tools of Contact Improvisation (CI).

Workshop is aimed to people dancing CI, that under guidance of an experienced teacher, will strengthen

their skills. Beginners will benefit a lot as well - they will have the opportunity to learn this dance

techniques and experience it in practice during the evening jams.

The workshops will be conducted by Daniel Werner (Germany). The warm-up for jam sessions will be

conducted by Iwona Olszowska (Poland).

Contact Improvisation dance technique is rooted in the contemporary dance and Body-Mind Centering

technique. It uses the elements of acrobatics, yoga, meditation, martial arts. It is based on specific

bodywork that leads to understanding of anatomy of an effective movement based on bones and joints in

the relation with gravity.

Workshop program

Toys & Tools for all Levels - systematic, somatic, playful

In this Intensive we will work technically and systematically on so called „pathways“ (CI vocabulary), to
experience and understand the underlying principles of this wonderful dance form. Furthermore we will play with Elements from Body-Mind Centering and developmental movement to (re-) discover natural and organic movement qualities, and to find efficient body tone modulation and effortlessness, softness and strength for moving with shared weight. With different dance scores we create spaces and atmospheres in which technique, playfulness and improvisation can melt into truly multidimensional experiences of falling, flying and momentum. The systematic approach of this Intensive is based on the curriculum of the Contact Improvisation Training Berlin.

Time: 28-30.03.2014 (Friday-Sunday moring till night)

Place: Hurtownia Ruchu, 9 Kacik str., Krakow, Poland (see on the map)

Teachers: Daniel Werner - main classes (ca. 16 h)

Iwona Olszowska - BMC and introduction to jam (ca. 2-3h)

Price: 80 EUR (payed before 10.03.), 95 EUR (payed after 10.03.)

7 EUR single Iwona's class + jam

Estimated schedule (may be changed a little)

Friday and Saturday Sunday

9:15-10:00 Warm-up
10:00-13:00 Workshop with Daniel Werner
13:00-15:00 Lunch break
15:00-18:00 Workshop with Daniel Werner
18:00-20:00 Dinner break
20:00-21:00 BMC and introduction to jam with

Gabriela Kramarczyk and Artur Papp

tel. +48 602 135 999 (Gabriela)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gabriela Kramarczyk

Deutsche Bank 14 1910 1048 2511 0290 3345 0001 (PLN payments only, for EUR payments please contact

me before sending the money)


Krakow, poland
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