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DanceContact - Momentum & Dynamic
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Momentum & Dynamic


Momentum & Dynamic
Sun, 27. October 2013
Chrisse Parrots Arts, Perth-Australia - Perth, Australia
Joerg Hassmann
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Momentum & Dynamic

We see amazing CI dances, wild and quick, bodies flying through all levels. One base for these kind of dances is the precision and commitment in the physical touch. Slowlyness, trust and the ability to listen is the starting point for eventually higher speeds. We will work on elasticity in the touch, in the connections within the body and between the two bodies sharing the dance. This will enable us to communicate changes of speed and direction in (almost) any moment with an inner sense of calmness and ease. From there acceleration is just a tiny step - slowing down is the bigger one. 
On an anatomical level we will focus on the myo-fascia web and the joints. 
A basic understanding of CI is extremely helpful to follow this workshop.

times: Sun 9-15 with 60 min break

location: Chrisse Parrots Arts, 4 Sussex St Maylands
fee: $60
contact: Emily Bowman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Ph: 0431 510 782


Chrisse Parrots Arts, Perth-Australia
4 Sussex St Maylands
Perth, Australia
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