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Contact Improvisation Condensed Systematics
Sun, 22. September 2013 - Thu, 26. September 2013
Ibiza - Ibiza
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Contact Improvisation - Condensed Systematics

 in „La Nave“

Hello contacters,
we are very excited to teach our material in the 'holistic' Ibiza environment - a residential workshop embeded in this heartful community, in the late summer warmth using the beach and a big studio. It is a little dream that we had for quite a while and now we manage to fill it with life.

Come and explore with us!
Joerg and Daniel

Workshop description:

In this 5-day Intensive we will give a condensed insight into our systematic approach to CI that we have developed throughout the last six years in our basic training programme in Berlin.

We use certain ideas of developmental movement patterns to find an adequate modulation of body tone and structural organization of the body. This will give a foundation for solo movement technique as well as for working with shared weight.

Several sessions will happen on the beach. In the transition from land to water we can minimize and increase the influence of gravity. Essential movement patterns and principles can be experienced and understood so much more clearly. In the studio we will intergrate this knowledge into CI technique in a way that also experienced dancers will find deeper insights into the assumed known.

Precise partner work, specific pathways and feedback will show ways to understand and overcome personal movement habits and limitations and will guide the way into a truly three dimensional dance. Our technical focus aims to feed the improvisational part of the dance by creating more choice.

Beginning: Sunday 22.9., 19.30 (Arrival from 18.00)
Ending: Thursday 26.9., 14.00

230 € - 160 € (as you can) - We imagine 230 € as the appropriate price, but we also know that several people from the CI community can't afford that.

At La Nave (see below) for 12€ per night.
Earliest arrival: 22.9., 18.00
Latest Departure: 30.9., 10.00

In the studio of Monica and Matthias for 10€ per night.
Earliest arrival: 19.9. 18.00
Latest Departure: 23.9. 10.00
It is in 20-30min walking distance to La nave, and 5-10 min by car.

(Please ask beforehand for availability!)


The workshop takes places in „La Nave“ Studio. It is located at km 9.6 of the road between two beautiful villages, Santa Gertrudis and San Miguel, half a kilometer from the main road and surrounded by forest. From the front yard you can see the church of San Miguel and the infinite horizon of the Mediterranean Sea.

The area is very quiet. The nearest village, San Miguel, is 5 km away, with the basic supplies (bank, pharmacy, supermarket, bar). Nearby, operates a farm that is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays (9-14 pm) where they grow and sell fruits and vegetables.
The public transportation in Ibiza, works very sparingly, so it is often advisable to procure for your own transport (car or motorbike hire) or hitchhiking (which is very common in these lands, and the people are very friendly.) Two mountain bikes are available in exchange for a donation for maintenance of the space.
The nearest beaches are the Port of San Miguel and Benirras, about 15 km fro Nave.
Nave facilities include internet, bathroom, shower and kitchen. We have "mats" of yoga mats for the activities with comfort.

For any other query please communicate with:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or FB: La Nave Ibiza.


For your own mobility and since we will also work on the beach we recommend to rent a car.
A doodle group will be available, where you can coordinate car-sharing with other participants.
To find a cheap rental car these sites might be helpful: or
You can also call them for advice (we have bad experience with Gold Car)!
A car will be about 80-100€/week, and about 230-280€ for 3 weeks (so if you share a car with 5 people it will be about € 20/ week or less).

Please contact us to confirm your registration, before you book flights, trains, etc.

Hoping to dance with you on beautiful Ibiza!
Joerg and Danie


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