CI Training Program Berlin


CI Training Program Berlin
Fri, 2. October 2015 - Sun, 4. October 2015
Tanzfabrik - Berlin
Created by:
Jörg Hassmann


9th BasicTraining Program

in Cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin

(June 2015 - February 2016)

This Training focuses intensively on the principles of Contact Improvisation. We (Daniel and Joerg) try to understand this unique dance form in a systematic way. We believe this brings clarity to the dance and increases the choices available to us. By focussing on the technical foundations of CI we invite to also open the doors to the emotional, psychological and philosophical aspects, which are a natural part of Contact Improvisation.

The foundation of what we teach is based on early developmental movement patterns - drawn from Body Mind Centering - as maybe the deepest root of human movement. Additionally we use specific partner body work to understand the anatomically efficient movements of the body with a focus on bones and joints in relation to gravity. From there we take these priciples further to develop efficient movement patterns for the dance by offering pathways (exact movement sequences with a partner) or explorative dance scores.

In the Basic Training we work on developing a solid technical basis: „Following the point of contact with shared weight“ is the technical centre of our approach in Contact Improvisation. Some important elements belonging to this approach are listening, knowledge of the necessary activity in leading and following, centre to centre connection, leaning with the acceptance of possibly falling off balance, und the three forms of touch in the point of contact: roll, slide, or simply touch (no roll nor slide). Our goal is a centre to centre duet that enables a true three dimensionalty. Lifts are naturally a part of this experience.

Backspace, use of eyes, in & out of contact, counterbalance, momentum & slow motion as well as the general search for increased choice in contact based dances are also elements of the Basic Training.

Participants will receive a certificate documenting the contents of the training to assist them with current or future employment opportunities.



June 26-28 (introduction weekend)
Fr 18.30-21.30 
Sa 11-17.30 
Su 11-17.00

Sep 3-6 (still possible to join)
Th 11-17.30
Fr 10-18 (water day!)
Sa 10-17.00 
Su 11-17.00

Oct 2-4 (only Joerg)
Fr 18.30-21.30 
Sa 11-17.30 
Su 11-17.00

Nov 6-8 (only Daniel)
Fr 18.30-21.30 
Sa 11-17.30 
Su 11-17.00

Dec 11-13
Fr 18.30-21.30 
Sa 11-17.30 
Su 11-17.00


Jan 16-17 (practising weekend, without Joerg & Daniel)
Sa 11-17.30 
Su 11-17.00

Feb 4-7
Th 11-17.30 
Fr 11-18.00 
Sa 11-18.00 
Su 11-17.00

Introduction weekend 140-110 € (as you can)
Programme Sep-Feb 850-720 €
(as you can)
The programme is usually booked out around May!

Tanzfabrik Berlin, Moeckernstr. 68, Berlin-Kreuzberg.
It is possible to stay overnight at Tanzfabrik for 5 € per night. 

Daniel Werner -
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Joerg Hassmann -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tanzfabrik - Website
Möckernstrasse 68


U 7/U 6 - Mehringdamm (10min. walk)

S-bahn: Yorckstrasse (10min. walk)
Bus M19, Haltestelle/bus stop: Katzbachstraße

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