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In Touch Festival


In Touch Festival
Mon, 13. January 2014 - Sun, 19. January 2014
Goa India - Goa Arambol
Daniel Werner
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Goa Contact Festival India 2014

Dancing, performing & celebration on the beach of Arambol/ Goa in India. We are inviting dancers from all over the world in a program which gives the full range of Contact Improvisation and provides an educational frame Integrated in the festival is an scholarship for 30 indian professional contemporean dancers.

The two parts of the festival describing the path from the inside-out. Building a heart space which allows to join from deep in yourself in an individual process. The Festival parts can be booked separately or together.

In Touch Journey 13-19 Jan 2014

with Daniel Werner, Mirva Mäkinen, Pipaluk, Katri Luukkonen, Nadja Schwarzenbach and others . . . . From an inner state where life and movement arises. We open an experimental and experiencial space. In a safe frame in natural surroundings to invite the elements into our exploration. An evolutionary body journey in the water, on the beach & the dance floor.


Goa Contact Festival 27 Jan- 3 Feb 2014, registration at 


Experienced teachers building from the inside to the different aspects of dance, improvisation and performing arts. Within intensives, classes, labs, underscore, performance, theoretical and practical research.


Goa Contact is an all season project, there is lots of time and space for collaborations, performing, experimenting and connecting in our center in the wonderful paradise of Arambol beach.



Goa India
Goa Arambol


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