It was an incredible experience for me on all levels, and I'd like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and inviting us to explore in such different ways. Your classes were incredible, and I would really love to have the chance to keep on learning about this form that I've got to know so recently and that has changed deeply my conception of body, mind and human interaction.

There is a handful of things I remember from the dancing but probably the most striking thing was what you said about the underdancer, that you've come to realize that he/she contributes at least 50 per cent to what the overdancer can do, though it rarely gets rehearsed or taught.

… and I love the way you teach because you made it clear that what you taught was not what I had to feel but what you felt. So I could concentrate on my own body without the thought that I had to do completely the same things as you did.

I wanted to share one important thing which I believe has been accompanying me since August (9 month ago). This is about listening. Not before winter did I realise that I started dancing with other people differently. Instead of thinking about ideas of movement while moving I was rather letting the impulses move me. This was I believe the fascia theme we worked on, this wonderful short delay which occurs between the skin/tissue is touched and cells start organising themselves in the proposed direction ;) I think I realised that I have never really let this delay appear because I have always filled gaps between movements with thinking. So, actually, the consistent fascia work you offered might have affected my thinking about dance, in a way that I'm more prone to let go of thinking. This change just happened, spontaneously and unintentionally (I'd even dare to say - organically). It is amazing somehow that it came to me with a few months delay :) Thank you very much again for your beautiful and inspiring work! 

Being aware of fear reflexes really helps me to be more open, aware to what's going on, a door to new patterns. This workshop made me experience how body sensations are keys to be présent. I realised that you gave bits of technical stuff and in a way it is my job to put them together. For example: connecting eyes and spine. I like this freedom in my learning process. I feel I have tools to explore more. 

I experienced the movement of my spine not from my pelvis, nor from itself but from my center ! I knew already that if you move from there the movement is just right, but never experienced it like this time. A beginning of a very strong feeling. Thank you deeply for that.

Dear team J! Thank you for this week together. I am delighted and grateful to have been able to share time and play and ideas and food with such a lovely bunch of people. (…) I'm left with so many thoughts, impressions, and traces; here are a few (…) (and two pages followed, Workshop Acro-Yoga & CI with Jaqui Wan and me, London November 12)

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