My passion and profession is the moving body. My field of practice is the dance – especially Contact Improvisation. I love to share the dance – first of all by simply dancing with others. But secondarily also through teaching it, which surprisingly connects back to what I originally studied – becomming a high school teacher. So, now I make my living by teaching others to connect to their bodies, to move efficiently and with delight. I support them find their dance and to explore the heartful and intelligent network of encounters in bigger groups. I still perform CI based improvisations now and then - even though I have big qdoubts around it. But it keeps me questioning and learning.

Teaching workshops and training programs are clarly the major part of my work:,

and supporting and organizing festivals:, contact-festival-madrid

Writing is another way to share my dance, but it is also a tool to understand more clearly my own driving forces, questions, believes and struggles. Most of my texts you'll find in my blog:

I am 45 years old and share the another major part of my life with my wife and my boy.


Since you are surfing the internet, here is a little collection of video clips with me dancing that I find acceptable. You can see me improvising with:


Antoine Ragot (Berlin 2016)

Chris Aiken (Berlin 2014)

Aaron Brandes (Earthdance 2008)

Adrian Russi (ECITE 2005 Estonia)

Ruslan Santah (Kiev 2012)

Angela Kalis (Goettingen 2013)

Kira Kirsch (CI 36 Pennsylvania 2008)

Brenton Cheng (Kiev 2012)

Monika Gallardo (Kiev 2012)


And in mainly set ieces with:


Jenny Haack (Frankfurt/Oder 2005) - extended Version (Berlin 2005)

Nina Wehnert (Frankfurt/Oder 2007)