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DanceContact.de are the CI Training Programs, which we - Daniel  Werner & Joerg Hassmann - teach together.




We offer following Programs & Intensives

  • Half Year Program Berlin
  • Experienced Intensives in Berlin
  • Condensed Systematics Intensives in Europe
  • Compact Training Program in Europe

The Basic Training Program and the Expereinced Intensives happen in cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin. In a way the Tanzfabrik is our home. All Training Programs happen every year with little changes due to our own development.

We have a script for our Basic Training Program, which will be updated more or less regularly.

Insights from our participants give a warmer and more experiential impression of our work.

The calendar also contains formats for Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance & Somatic Approaches, that we offer individually.

Enjoy reading!

Joerg & Daniel

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